We have created a Project of fabrication and design of contemporary furniture which preservs the tradicional trade of de the argentinian industry combined with modern processes of production.

Our Interest is that each piece of furniture conservs its personal stamp and individual handmade. We promete this idea with our machine and knowledge of modern industry and in this way we can achieve a balance that represents classical techniques of capestry.

We want to be present in all steps of the production from the first sketches models and prototypes! Our purpose is a well-made product which gives priority toa ll its details and its different components. We combine what is racional and organic and finish our furniture with a natural finished touch.


This project is the result of a synergy between our 30 years of family experience and our Studies in industrial and furniture design. This is a constant and stimulating search to new answers.

Our Space of work give us the freedom of projecting each detail of a piece of furniture in both structural and esthetics ways.

It let us correct, improve and start again.